JANUARY 2023: Go Dogo landed at the Amalienborg Palace

During the Danish Tech Challenge Award Show 2022, our CEO & Founder Hanne Jarmer took the stage and addressed His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik, holding a special gift in her hands. We finally had the opportunity and pleasure to give Coco and Grace - the royal dogs, the Go Dogo we promised 4 years ago.

Photo credit: Hanne Juul, as seen on

DECEMBER 2022: Go Dogo is now available on (US)

Fantastic news for our US-based future customers! Go Dogo is now even more accessible, on You can now benefit from the 3-day delivery, free returns, and even a buy-now-pay-later system using the Amazon Store Card.

Do you live in the US? Get your Go Dogo faster, here.

DECEMBER 2022: Go Dogo wins "Best in Show" at the PetCare Innovation Summit, Boston (US)
During PetCare Innovation Summit 2022 which took place in Boston, US, Founder Hanne Jarmer connected with so many fellow pet-tech enthusiast and pet parents. She also brought home the "Best in Show" Award - a dream for any pet-tech startup like us.
OCTOBER 2022: Go Dogo launches in the US!
All dogs based in the US - and their humans, can now add Go Dogo to their homes and daily enrichment activities. The packages are sent directly from our offices in Copenhagen and should reach the US within 6-10 days from dispatch.
SEPTEMBER 2022: The "real-plastic" Go Dogos are finally here!
The first batch of injection molding Go Dogos is here, ready to enter homes in Denmark and soon, the US. Go Dogo's first prototype was made out of an old cardboard box. Then 3D-printed in-house, several times, with several different designs. Then 3D-printed again, but profesionally. And now this, the "real-plastic" Go Dogo.