Get your money back

To celebrate Go Dogo’s 5th birthday this year, all our customers who have purchased a Go Dogo after the 1st of April have the chance to win back up to a FULL REFUND.

Up to 100%

We’re giving our refund policy a VERY exciting twist!

Did you buy a Go Dogo for your dog and (s)he isn’t hooked? No worries, you have 14 days to return your undamaged Go Dogo to us and get your money back, per our Standard Refund Policy.

But what if your dog is totally in love with Go Dogo and we told you that this makes it possible for you to also get your money back?     


Do you have one or more friends who would also love Go Dogo? Each new customer that you bring us, gets you $50 USD back!

They just have to mention your full name in the “How have you heard about us” box when adding to cart, and we'll take it from there. And yes, they can also join the challenge!

You might be wondering...

  1. How do I sign up for the challenge?

    Please reach out to us via or and let us know that you would like to join.

  2. How much time do I have to complete the mission?

    You have 6 months since delivery to complete your mission. Contact us before you get started.

  3. How and when will I be refunded?

    You will be refunded as soon as the customer you recruit, purchases. Please note that although we’ll issue a refund right away, it may take between 5-10 days to show up in your account.

  4. Do I need to pay for Go Dogo upfront?

    Yes, you need to buy (or have bought) a Go Dogo to be able to join the challenge. 

  5. Who can join the Cash-Back Challenge?

    The Cash-back Challenge can be joined by customers who have purchased Go Dogo exclusively from after the 1st of April 2023, from all available markets.