For all of us at Go Dogo, improving the wellbeing of dogs’ is what we come to work for every day. We want to make dogs’ lives a little better and help pet parents. This is why we have developed the Go Dogo game with the help of dog experts who, like us, believe in positive dog training and have read through many studies that have done impressive research into the field of dog psychology.

We have developed the Go Dogo game with four important aspect in mind.


Our system works with positive reinforcement - there is no “punishment” in the form of loud sounds or a flashing light that could confuse or scare your dog. The worst thing that happens when your dog does not execute the task correctly is that a treat does not get released as expected.


We do not want to replace dog-owner interaction. You should still play your favourite games with your dog - as often as you can. Our game is meant to help you to give your dog more mental stimulation and ensure you can give it on a daily basis. If you need inspiration for fun mental workouts for you and your dog - check out our DIY Mental Workout section here.


Most of us, unfortunately, have to leave our dogs home alone once in a while. Scheduling one or two Go Dogo sessions for when you’re gone is a great idea, but please don’t leave your dog home alone longer, because you have installed our system. Dogs are social animals, which is why a session with Go Dogo cannot replace you being there with your furry family member. It’s also great fun to watch your dog play Go Dogo, so make sure to start the game when you can marvel at your dog’s skills!


Dogs are individuals and have very different personalities. Some will understand the game the first time you try, others (like our office dog Falka) will need some time to understand what she needs to do to get the treats. Give your dog the time they need to understand the game and always be there with them the first time they try a new level. Always encourage your dog and cheer them on when they get a command right. Feel free to throw in some extra treats if your dog is shy or insecure - cheating is totally allowed in our game!


In 2015, Hanne was busy as a department head at the Technical University of Denmark, balancing a family of four kids and Leo, her young whippet. When another whippet (Louis) joined the family in 2016, Hanne realized how difficult it was to ensure that both dogs got the mental stimulation they needed on a daily basis.

Being an experienced engineer, she was sure she could develop a technical solution to this problem. One day, as she was leaving for work, she thought “Why can’t my TV help?“. After a bit of thinking and a lot of testing, Go Dogo was born. Hanne was soon joined by three talented engineers who shared her passion and worked tirelessly to get the first prototypes developed.

In 2020, a few more members (furry and non-furry) joined the Go Dogo family, lots of product tests were conducted (many dogs got a lot of treats in the process!) and many COVID related challenges were mastered. With support from leading dog experts, great investors and advisors, the passionate and ambitious Go Dogo team is looking forward to launching their product in Europe this year.


Victor Ko


CEO & Founder

I make sure that everything is on track and that we have the resources and contacts we need.

In other words, I try to make sure that everyone is happy, but I also confuse the entire team (mostly Henrik) with my crazy ideas and spend quite some time keeping the 3D printing running at strange hours. I pet all dogs that I can get my hands on, cut both Ole and Henrik’s hair (OK, now it’s out), write a heck of a lot of emails and go to endless meetings - and I talk about Go Dogo to everyone everywhere and all the time. 
K.a Joben


COO & Co-Founder

I develop the Go Dogo mobile app and website and manage our IT infrastructure.

I write code, I bring cake to the office and I pet the office dogs. As a real foodie, I talk extensively about the fancy restaurants in Copenhagen I have been to and even more importantly, the ones I am planning to go to once I have saved up enough money. 
Marin Julia


CTO & Co-Founder

I develop the software for the main hardware units and the Computer Vision algorithms we use to recognize dog actions.

 I turn coffee into code, implement features that Hanne thinks she wants, carry TV-screen and furniture around the office building for tests/demos and then re-implement features when Hanne eventually changes her mind. I also spent a lot of time waving pictures of dog postures in front of cameras which highly entertains the whole team.
Marin Julia


Head of Product Design

I build our prototypes and plan on how to put our product in mass production. Basically, I 3D print, laser-cut and solder PCBs.

In general, I make awkward and/or inappropriate jokes. I try to score hoops on our new mini basketball rim and I talk about stocks and pokemon with Ole. I also really try to keep my desk tidy. But it is so hard! That's what she said...  
Marin Julia


Marketing Director

I'm setting the Marketing direction for Go Dogo and making sure it gets executed.

I also think about fun marketing activities, send out our Go Dogo newsletter, take pictures and videos of Falka to use for Go Dogo’s SoMe channels, come up with silly ideas for Reels Stefana could make, read studies on dog psychology. I play Go Dogo with shelter dogs and talk to smart dog behaviourists and trainers about how we can make Go Dogo as awesome for dogs as possible.
Marin Julia


Communication Designer

 I am in charge of our many Go Dogo Social Media channels and our Go Dogo homepage.

I sometimes tell Sarah which pictures and videos she needs to take of Falka for me to use on our Social Media channels and then complain about the light being not right when I get them. I cuddle our office dogs, help out with whatever random idea the team comes up with and make sure that we don’t forget to have Friday bars on a regular basis.  
Marin Julia


Chief Scientific Dogo

I test Go Dogo - a lot!
And make sure that the humans are on the right track.

But mostly I sleep and get annoyed when Louis steals the best spots or when he fools around too much. They call me gumpy-grandpa. But I promise you, my favourite thing is actually doing my job - Go Dogo testing! Also, my puppy-eyes face does wonders and I know it!
Marin Julia


Executive Assistant Dogo

I help Leo test Go Dogo. And I sleep. A lot. Sometimes I put my head next to where Leo is sleeping until he gets adequately annoyed and moves away so that I can steal his warm soft bed. I also REEEEALLY love to chase squirrels - never caught one, but it gets me so excited. Wait, I don’t do that at work of course. At work, I test Go Dogo, and I’m often picked to do demos - my mom says that it’s because I’m a bit slow - so it’s easier for her to get time to tell what is going on, while I work. 
Marin Julia


Chief Happiness Officer

I make sure that the Go Dogo team is happy and help Stefana to find out what our followers want to see on our Social Media channels. I can look cute/confused/sad/happy/excited - whatever gives me cuddles. Playing model for my Mum in too many photoshoots. I also participate in our DIY Mental Workout videos, but often let my colleagues Leo and Louis take the spotlight as they are more food-driven than me and even WORK FOR DRY KIBBLE!
Boys, I tell you.