About Us

The Go Dogo system is a high-tech home entertainment system that provides mental workouts for dogs. Dogs enjoy earning their food, and through the Go Dogo system they can solve stimulating and fun challenges in exchange for treats. Founded by a group of engineers with help from some of the world’s leading experts in areas such as dog psychology, Go Dogo enables dog owners to provide mental stimulation for their pets.

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Go Dogo System

The Game

The Go Dogo game consists of two physical units that connect to your home TV through an HDMI cable. The main unit contains a computer, a treat dispenser, and a camera. The small side camera provides a side view of the dog. You can control the system through the Go Dogo app, which allows you to schedule trainings and follow your dog’s progress.

Once you’ve started a session, the instructor on the screen will call your dog over and ask it to perform a task. The two cameras ensure that the dog’s response is captured, and if the task is performed correctly, a treat is released.

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Go Dogo System side camera on shelf

How It Works

We combined our passion for dogs and engineering.

Hanne founded Go Dogo in 2017, and was soon joined by three talented engineers who shared her passion. Together, they developed the first prototypes of the Go Dogo system.

Danish Design

The Go Dogo System uses the organic egg shape, designed and produced in Denmark.

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