Designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated

Go Dogo is designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated through games and challenges that are automatically supervised using cameras and Computer Vision. Dogs enjoy finding and earning their food and Go Dogo uses treats to keep motivation high.

Based on positive reinforcement

Positive feedback is given (through video and audio) when a task is performed correctly. If dogs struggle with a challenge, they just get another try. Our game is based on positive reinforcement, so dogs will never be punished for not understanding a challenge. Every Go Dogo session ends with a treat - so your dog will look forward to the next one.

The Go Dogo System

The Go Dogo game consists of two physical units and connects to your home TV through an HDMI cable. The main unit, which is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, includes a computer, a treat dispenser, and a camera. A small side camera provides a side view of the dog. Both units are controlled through the Go Dogo app (currently only available for iOS 14 and up)

The Go Dogo main unit


The “brain” of Go Dogo
The main unit houses the "brain" of Go Dogo, as well as the main camera and the treat dispenser. It analyses the incoming pictures from the side and main camera and releases a treat whenever your dog has solved a challenge.

The treat carousel
The treat carousel can be filled with up to 20 treats. They shouldn't be too sticky, so they easily fall out of the system.

The right setup
The main unit needs to be placed close to your TV - the right setup depends on your dog's size and your TV's placement.

Go Dogo side camera


Creating a 3D image of your dog
The side camera is needed to create a 3D image of your dog. This makes it possible for Go Dogo to detect postures (like sit or stand). The side camera sends the information to the Go Dogo main unit .

The right setup
The side camera needs to see your dog from the side, so you can either place it on the right or the left side of your dog.

Go Dogo app on IOS


Your control for Go Dogo
The Go Dogo App is what you need to control your Go Dogo system. You are able to create a profile for your dog, start the system manually - or schedule a session for when your dog is home alone.

Tracking your dog’s progress
The Go Dogo game currently has eight levels of increasing difficulty. New challenges will be released on an ongoing basis. The game gives your dog’s brain a good workout - no matter how fast or slow you go through the levels. You’ll be able to track your dog’s mental workout progress in the app.

Diversity and difference are
our guiding principles.


Deep Neural Network

By feeding the image streams from the two cameras to a Deep Neural Network, it is possible to verify whether the dog solving the challenge correctly.

Computer Vision

The Computer Vision in Go Dogo is currently able to detect the face of the dog, the postures "sit", "down" and "stand" as well as different kinds of actions consisting of various combinations of these postures.

Controlling the system

You control the system through the Go Dogo app (currently only available for iOS 14 and up). It will guide you through the Go Dogo system setup, allows you manually start a session for your dog - or to schedule one for later. Once you have started a session, the dog trainer on the screen will call your dog over and give a clue for which behaviour will release a treat. The two cameras ensure that the dog’s response is captured, and if the task is performed correctly, a treat is released.