SEPTEMBER 2022: The "real-plastic" Go Dogos are finally here!
The first batch of injection molding Go Dogos is here, ready to enter homes in Denmark and soon, the US. Go Dogo's first prototype was made out of an old cardboard box. Then 3D-printed in-house, several times, with several different designs. Then 3D-printed again, but profesionally. And now this, the "real-plastic" Go Dogo.
JUNE 2022: Go Dogo on BBC World News

In May 2022, Chris Fox from BBC came all the way from the UK to Copenhagen, at the Go Dogo office, to create a story about our journey and product. One month later that story went live on BBC World News and brought wonderful feedback from all over the world.

You can watch the story here.

JUNE 2022: CEO & Founder Hanne Jarmer - one of the 25 female entrepreneurs in Denmark that you should know
In June 2022, our Founder and CEO, Hanne Jarmer was selected, amongst other fantastic women, by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), to be one of "25 female entrepreneurs in Denmark that you should know".
NOVEMBER 2021: Go Dogo "Early Dog" - The first 3D printed Go Dogos enter 50 danish homes
Great milestone for Go Dogo! 50 professionally 3D printed Go Dogo units, presented as "Early Dog" versions, were sold all over Denmark, to what we like to call our first "real customers". This was an essential step in the improvement and overall development of Go Dogo.
JANUARY 2020: Go Dogo at Eureka Park: CES, Las Vegas
In January 2020, Go Dogo made its first public appearance in the US, at CES in Las Vegas. Our team spent a couple of days next to our booth in Eureka Park, presenting Go Dogo to press, investors, as well as tech savvy participants.