About the Go Dogo game

Go Dogo is a treat-based system, developed to keep your dog mentally stimulated through challenging games. Dogs love to use their brains and to work for their food. With Go Dogo, you can make sure that your dog gets a daily mental workout that never gets boring.

  • Avoid boredom: Helps you to give your dog daily mental stimulation
  • No-touch: No loose parts or exposed cables for your dog to chew up
  • Interactive: Your dog gets feedback when a task is performed correctly 
  • Intelligent: Recognises your dog’s posture and rewards reliably for each challenge solved
  • Progress tracking: Our app lets you track your dog’s progress and schedule training sessions for when you’re not home
  • Endless fun: OTA (over-the-air) updates, so the challenges stay fun and mentally stimulating
  • Easy to clean: The treat carousel can be taken out for easy cleaning 
  • Danish Design: Minimalistic organic design from Denmark



  • The Go Dogo Main Unit needs to be mounted on your wall
  • IOS only - at the moment, the Go Dogo app is available only on IOS devices; therefore, you need and iPhone or iPad to control the game