Go Dogo was founded based on the desire to ensure our dogs’ wellbeing. With this blog, we aim to help pet parents get a better understanding of their dog and to find out what your furry family member needs to stay happy – and healthy. Here, you will find great ideas for creative DIY games for your dog, learn to read the signs of boredom, get scientific explanations for why our dogs make our lives better and much more, which hopefully can make you understand your dog better.

Cute fluffy dog with her tongue out, wearing a Christmas sweater.
If you live in the northern hemisphere, winter is here. And with it, dark, long and cold days. If you are so lucky to live in a region with lots of snow, you and your dog might enjoy a winter...
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Fluffy dog looking happy, playing with her dog toys.
In our previous article, we described the serious consequences it can have for dogs to regularly experience boredom. We also explained how to read the signs with which your dog is telling you that she lacks something. But how do we tackle the...
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