Why Go Dogo?

Most of what dogs need is easy to figure out: food and water, walks, cuddles, grooming. But it’s harder to know how to keep your dog mentally stimulated, and keeping a dog’s brain active plays a big part in their overall health.

Lack of mental stimulation can lead to behavioral problems such as excessive barking or whining, aggression, chewing up furniture, anxiety or depression.

Millions of physically healthy dogs are put down every year, primarily because of behavioral issues. Dogs today are spending more time home alone while their owners work, and are not getting sufficient mental exercise. In some cases, this will lead to behavioral problems, but in others, the dog develops “learned helplessness” which results in depression, obesity, and illness, and can lead to a premature death.

The Go Dogo game improves your dog’s mental fitness through an intelligent system that sets tasks and dispenses treats, and adapts to your dog’s learning pace to provide an interactive, fun experience.

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