The Go Dogo game is designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated through games and challenges that are automatically supervised using cameras and Computer Vision. Dogs enjoy finding and earning their food and Go Dogo uses treats to keep them motivated. They also receive positive feedback (through video and audio) when a task is performed correctly.

The Go Dogo game consists of two physical units that connect to your home TV through an HDMI cable. The main unit, which is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, includes a computer, a treat dispenser, and a camera. A small wireless side camera provides a side view of the dog. Both units are controlled through the Go Dogo app, currently available for IOS users only.


The main unit houses the "brain" of Go Dogo, as well as the main camera and the treat dispenser. It analyzes the incoming pictures and releases a treat when the dog has performed an action correctly. It needs to be placed on top or underneath your TV, depending on you dogs' size and your TV's placement.


The side camera is needed to produce a 3D image of your dog to be able to recognise postures (like sit or stand). It sends the information to the Go Dogo main unit where it gets processed. It needs to be placed so it sees your dog from the side.


The Go Dogo App is what you need to control your Go Dogo system. You are able to c
reate a profile for your dog(s), c
hoose different levels to play, and r
elease extra treats within the game. Moreover, you can set goals for you dog(s) and track their progress, or
 schedule game sessions for when they are home alone.


By feeding the image streams from the two cameras to a Deep Neural Network, it is possible to verify whether the dog is performing the desired movements/actions correctly. The Computer Vision in the Go Dogo Game is currently able to detect the face of the dog, the most common dog postures Sit, Down, and Stand as well as different kinds of actions consisting of various combinations of these postures.

You control the system through an app, available for iOS. It will allow you to set up the system, schedule training and follow your dog’s progress. Once you have started a session, the dog trainer on the screen will call your dog over and ask him/her to perform a task. The two cameras ensure that the dog’s response is captured, and if the task is performed correctly, a treat is released.