How It Works

The Go Dogo game is designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated through games and challenges. Dogs enjoy finding and earning their food, and Go Dogo uses treats to keep them motivated. They also receive positive feedback (through video and audio) when a task is performed correctly.

The Go Dogo game consists of two physical units that connect to your home TV through an HDMI cable. The main unit includes a computer, a treat dispenser, and a camera. A small side camera provides a side view of the dog.

Go Dogo App

You control the system through an iOS app. It will allow you to set up the system, schedule trainings and follow your dog’s progress.

Once you’ve started a session, the instructor on the screen will call your dog over and ask it to perform a task. The two cameras ensure that the dog’s response is captured, and if the task is performed correctly, a treat is released.

You probably know how good it feels to end the day with a success. Your dog loves that too! That’s why the Go Dogo game is designed to always end on a high – with a familiar task that your dog always gets right.

The Go Dogo system will help enrich your dog’s life, but it is not a substitute for dog-owner interaction. Dogs are social animals, whose mental well being has been linked to the amount of positive attention they get from their owners . It should be used as a supplement to any training and stimulation activities that you already engage in.

Getting Started

The game starts slow – your dog will be taught to come and pay attention to the TV. The difficulty level will then increase automatically, so your dog never gets bored!

It will take approximately 3 sessions for your dog to master the basics. Once your dog understands the rules, the system will level up and the complexity will increase.

We recommend that you supervise play while the dog learns to use the system.