Dogs make our lives better – and science agrees

In uncertain and dark times like these, it is important to bring lots of happiness and joy into our lives. Feeling stressed, depressed, or simply feeling the weight of the winter weather and darkness can affect everyone. This is where our happy pooches come into the picture. Dogs make our [...]

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Dogs in The Secret Life of Pets – Facts or Fiction?

Wait a second… did you think the plot of The Secret Life of Pets was completely fictional? The secret life of dogs is actually not so secret. When their owners are not around, all the pets in the building hang out. They get plenty of socialization with other animals, and they definitely don't get bored! [...]

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Highest dog populations in the world – Top 4 countries

Many little girls and boys beg their parents for a puppy and promise to take care of it themselves. It teaches them responsibility and gives them a companion to grow up with. Some young couples decide to start their family with a dog and consider them their first child. In each family, they play a [...]

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