How long is too long to leave your dog home alone?

  Many dogs, no matter if they are newly adopted puppies or long term family members, have enjoyed being with their families around the clock and hardly being alone in the last year. But slowly, things are opening up again which means that most dogs will have to face the reality of not being [...]

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Avoid boredom in dogs – activation is important

In our previous article, we described the serious consequences it can have for dogs to regularly experience boredom. We also explained how to read the signs with which your dog is telling you that she lacks something. But how do we tackle the challenge of how to avoid boredom in dogs? In this article, [...]

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Learn how to read the signs of boredom in dogs

Many pet parents are not aware that dogs, like us humans, can experience boredom, and therefore might not spot the signs their dog is sending, to tell them that they lack something. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why your dog might be bored and teach you [...]

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Detecting Common Mental Health Issues in Dogs

Dogs are usually the happiest member of the household, right? They provide unconditional love, and they're always SO excited when you come home. But just like you are affected by what you experience every day, so is your dog. So how do you know if your dog is unhappy? Many people don't know that dogs [...]

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Dog’s mental health – and why you should care about it

Humans today are busy. The average workday is approximately 8 hours, which means many people are away from home at least 9 hours a day, not including trips to the grocery store, gym sessions, or drinks after work. Generally, this also means your dog is spending quite a bit of time home alone. A dog's [...]

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