Avoid boredom in dogs – activation is important

In our previous article, we described the serious consequences it can have for dogs to regularly experience boredom. We also explained how to read the signs with which your dog is telling you that she lacks something. But how do we tackle the challenge of how to avoid boredom in dogs? In this article, [...]

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5 DIY brain games for dogs, to strengthen their mind

Humans need mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy - and dogs are no different! There are a lot of options out there for games and toys that stimulate your dog’s brain and encourage them to think while playing. However, there are also some great games that you can make yourself with household items that [...]

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Snuffle mat for dogs – a 2 step guide, for a fun meal time!

You might be here because you know what a snuffle mat is and you want to make your own. That’s great! You might also be here because you have no idea what a snuffle mat is, but you’re curious about how dogs can use their noses for mental stimulation. Or maybe a family member owns [...]

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