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Snuffle mat for dogs – a 2 step guide, for a fun meal time!

You might be here because you know what a snuffle mat is and you want to make your own. That’s great! You might also be here because you have no idea what a snuffle mat is, but you’re curious about how dogs can use their noses for mental stimulation. Or maybe a family member owns [...]

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A walk through the history of dogs

Have you ever wondered about the history of dogs? We like to imagine beagles and bichons wandering around the Paleolithic age spreading cuteness around, but the reality is different. Dogs are direct descendants of the wolf and the only large carnivore species that have been domesticated (about 15,000 years ago!). Domestication allowed dogs to become [...]

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Dog’s mental health – and why you should care about it

Humans today are busy. The average workday is approximately 8 hours, which means many people are away from home at least 9 hours a day, not including trips to the grocery store, gym sessions, or drinks after work. Generally, this also means your dog is spending quite a bit of time home alone. A dog's [...]

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