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Need more joy and happiness in your life? Your dog can help!

In uncertain and dark times like these, it is important to bring as much joy into our lives as possible. Being stressed, depressed or simply feeling the weight of the winter weather can affect everyone. Which is where our happy pooches come into the picture. It’s no secret that a dog brings life and [...]

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New pet parent? Here is what you need to know!

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, adoptions of dogs have gone up in many countries and shelters and breeders have seen a huge increase in demandfrom people wanting to add a dog to their family. Studies show that welcoming a furry family member into our homes has lasting positive effects, which might be [...]

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5 DIY Brain Games for Your Dog

Humans need mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy - and dogs are no different! There are a lot of options out there for games and toys that stimulate your dog’s brain and encourage them to think while playing. However, there are also some great games that you can make yourself with household items that [...]

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5 Ways to Keep your Pup Stimulated

Dogs, just like humans, can get bored. If your pooch is bored, you are going to find out pretty quickly. This boredom can lead to behavioral issues such as excessive barking or chewing up those brand new shoes you were excited to wear. A great way to combat this is through mental stimulation. This means [...]

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Dogs in The Secret Life of Pets

Wait a second… did you think the plot of The Secret Life of Pets was completely fictional? Once Leonard the poodle's owner leaves, the classical music on the stereo quickly turns to heavy metal. Meanwhile, Chloe the cat unsuccessfully tries to stop herself from eating her owner's delicious-looking turkey. Mel stares out the window, waiting [...]

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Detecting Common Mental Health Issues in Dogs

Dogs are usually the happiest member of the household, right? They provide unconditional love, and they're always SO excited when you come home. But just like you are affected by what you experience every day, so is your dog. So how do you know if you dog is unhappy? Many people don't know that dogs [...]

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Highest dog populations in the world

Many little girls and boys beg their parents for a puppy and promise to take care of it themselves. It teaches them responsibility and gives them a companion to grow up with. Some young couples decide to start their family with a dog and consider them their first child. In each family, they play a [...]

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How much time does your dog spend alone every day?

Dogs are the most sociable pets, and they need interaction with humans and other animals to stay healthy. They also need to use their brains regularly, so they don't like a lot of idle time alone. Every good pooch parents asks the question, "How long is too long to leave my dog home alone?". If [...]

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A walk through the history of dogs

Have you ever wondered about the history of dogs? We like to imagine beagles and bichons wandering around the Paleolithic age spreading cuteness around, but the reality is different. Dogs are direct descendants of the wolf, and the only large carnivore species that has been domesticated (about 15,000 years ago!). Domestication allowed dogs to become [...]

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