Dogs, just like humans, can get bored. If your pooch is bored, you are going to find out pretty quickly. This boredom can lead to behavioral issues such as excessive barking or chewing up those brand-new shoes you were excited to wear. In this article, you can read about 5 different ways to keep your pup stimulated, mental stimulation of your pup can keep it happy and healthy.

A great way to combat this is through mental stimulation. This means your dog gets to use his brain, which is really important to their overall health and happiness level! You can read more about this here.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep your dog busy! Whether it’s going for a walk somewhere new, meeting new dogs, or simply switching out toys, here are some of our favorite ways to keep your dog stimulated:


Keep your pup stimulated by teaching them new tricks

Trick training sessions are a great, personal way to provide a mental challenge for your dog. Yes, it helps you when your dog actually listens when you tell them to sit or stay, but positive reinforcement and experiences will keep your dog’s brain active, and out of those brand new shoes.


Going for a walk is great stimulation for your pup

A regular walk can help dogs to prevent obesity, cardiovascular diseases, decrease stress, and other health issues. There are many other aspects to dog walking that are aside from the physical; the walk provides special bonding time between you and your pet, teaches self-control around other beings, and gives your dog the opportunity to explore new environments and use their senses!


Rotation of toys stimulates your pup

No one wants to play with the same toys for the rest of their lives, it would be boring. Having different options will create different ways for your dog to play. Do not worry, this does not mean you have to go out and buy new toys every week! Simply keep one or two toys out for the pooch to play with and put the rest away, in a few weeks you can rotate them all as if they are new.


Stimulation by socialization with others can improve their behavior.

Introducing dogs into new and unfamiliar situations is not always easy, especially for the ones who are not socialized. Bringing your dog to dog parks, doggie daycares and even socializing with people can help develop good behaviors. This will later ease anxiety levels at home when an unexpected noise or sight happens at home.


Stimulation by puzzle toys is good for their brain

A great way to supplement walks and socializing with other dogs is to introduce your dog to puzzle toys or dog brain games. These are games that enhance your dog’s learning and encourage them to use their brain while playing – they can be human-led (having your dog complete a task before getting a reward), or simply toys where treats are hidden. You can even make your own!


All of these 5 ways to keep your pup stimulated, require you, the owner, to be present and able to give your dog full attention. What happens when you’re not home? A simple and effective solution is Go Dogo, but I’m sure you’ve already checked out our website! Mentally healthy dogs are happy dogs!