Wait a second… did you think the plot of The Secret Life of Pets was completely fictional? The secret life of dogs is actually not so secret. When their owners are not around, all the pets in the building hang out. They get plenty of socialization with other animals, and they definitely don’t get bored! One thing that all of these pets have in common is that dogs are living a secret life, and they act differently when their owners leave.

In The Secret Life of Pets, once the poodle Leonard’s owner leaves, the classical music on the stereo quickly turns to heavy metal. Meanwhile, Chloe the cat unsuccessfully tries to stop herself from eating her owner’s delicious-looking turkey.

Mel stares out the window, waiting for squirrels to pass by outside. When he finally spots one, he starts to bark relentlessly.

So… what do our pets do while we’re out?

All pets definitely act differently when their owners aren’t around. They each find different ways to stimulate themselves during their time alone. Now, it might not be heavy metal like Leonard, but there’s still mischief going on.

Have you ever wondered how your shoes end up in different places, or why it looks like someone went through your trash? That’s likely the result of alone time and boredom.

When their owners are not around, dogs can start to get their own ideas of fun… which might not always align with yours! Your dog probably wouldn’t go through the trash while you’re standing there watching them, right? But when you’re not home, it’s a different story. Out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t worry, your dog probably isn’t using your expensive Kitchen Aid mixer as a massager. Probably.

The secret life of dogs – Is it okay to leave my dog home alone?

While the dogs in The Secret Life of Pets are great at finding their own entertainment when their owners leave for the day, your dog might not be able to. If they’re destroying furniture, chewing up your shoes, relieving themselves inside the home, or showing other signs of distress, you should speak to your vet and discuss solutions to limit home alone time.

Unlike the movie, dogs can’t go hang out with their friends unless they go to doggy daycare. Socialization is really important for your dog’s well-being since they can have very fulfilling relationships with humans, but also with other dogs.

At the end of the day, if your dog is finding ways to entertain themselves at home that you don’t approve of, it might be time for a change. Hiring a dog walker to come to walk your dog around lunch is a great way to break up the monotony of a day spent alone. Check out our article on how long dogs should be home alone for more tips.