Many little girls and boys beg their parents for a puppy and promise to take care of it themselves. It teaches them responsibility and gives them a companion to grow up with. Some young couples decide to start their family with a dog and consider them their first child. In each family, they play a different role and they are even trained differently per country. However, in a majority of the countries, it is safe to say that dogs are the most popular pets around the globe. Keep reading to find out where you can find the countries with the highest dog populations in the world.

The United States – Highest Dog Population Per Capita

The United States has the highest dog population per capita. For every four people, there is one dog! In some families, there are more dogs than children making them an integral part of the household.

Often, dogs can be found taking over the owner’s bed at night or snuggled up on the couch watching a movie with the family. In the US it is understandable why dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”. Therefore, Americans will do whatever it takes to keep their dogs happy and spend around fifty billion dollars on their dogs each year! Pet tech is also on the rise in the US, with many dog owners investing in pet cams and other tech gadgets to help improve their dogs’ lives.

Workplaces in the US are also increasingly pet-friendly. Did you know there are up to 7000 dogs every day at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters? That’s a lot of dogs!

Dog in beach

Brazil – Highest dog populations in general

Coming in at second place for highest dog population we have Brazil. There are fifty-two million dogs in Brazil, and this number is growing every year. Dogs are a crucial part of the family, and are given all the necessary supplies to stay happy!

This is why the pet market in Brazil is one of the biggest in the world with a turnover of eighteen billion dollars. The pet care market is also growing steadily each year now that nearly half of all households in Brazil own a dog. Dogs in Brazil are probably really well-groomed!

Dog running in snow

China and Russia – The largest amount dogs within one country

Finally, China and Russia also have two of the largest dog populations – both pets and strays. In China, a stable middle class means the pet market is growing, since people have more disposable income and are able to care for a dog.

In Russia, dogs have a rich history and the people are known for taking care of strays. Therefore, their population is one of the biggest – even though the dogs aren’t always pets. Stray dogs in Moscow have even learned to use the metro system! Russia is also where some of our favorite dog breeds originated (think Samoyed and Siberian Huskies).

Aside from these countries, the pet community is growing in countries like India, Argentina, France, and Romania. All around the globe, dogs are an integral part of the family and will continue to be the most popular pet, and we’re thrilled that more and more dogs are finding loving homes all around the world.


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